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About us

PAUMIX media studio – young, energetic and creative team. Five and more years of the team members working experience with audiovisual projects, ideas and commercial industry helps to offer our clients the best solutions for their needs. We are producing our product in high quality and professional look.

PAUMIX media studio is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, but we are working all over Lithuania, doing video projects for foreign markets. At the moment our team includes great operators, idea generators, motion graphics and design specialists.

At the moment our service is devided into 3 different packages:

  • VIDEO SERVICE FOR BUSINESS – we are working with all the equipment and material which helps our clients to reach the maximum result of what they do expect.
  • PERSONAL DOCUMENTARY MOVIES – very new project in lithuanian market which is getting more and more attention from individual clients.
  • PHOTO MOVIES – your stored picture albums in our studio gets a dynamic, cool and emotional effect.

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PAUMIX media studio


One of the newest video services in our market and our exclusivity – personal documentary movies about people and their important life moments, places or very specific experience. Service is for the people that want and have something to share, it is a best thing to add your personal archive in. All you need is to have some special adventure or occasion, come to our comfortable PAUMIX media studio and sitting in a relaxing chare while sharing with us your story. It is possible that you will have some photo or video material connected with the topic in spite of its quality. All material will be gathered, worked up and created as your personal documentary movie

Also, movie can be created about your favorite places: place of birth, school or some other important place. Nowadays everything is changing. It’s possible, all grandparent’s and parent’s houses will be changed with a modern buildings, gardens or something else and it will be unforgettable to keep them for future generations in a movie way. Without a doubt you will be very happy having a possibility to share it with your grandchildren, leaded with your stories about your childhood. Our creative team will make a trip to your special place, having all professional equipment for movie making and interweaving and let you go back to memories, that will worth a lot in a future.

Duration of personal documentary depends just on you. We will base movie length on how much you want to tell and what exactly you want to show.

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PAUMIX media studio presents service for business clients who want to be noticed in public or internet space, making new e-marketing campaigns or participate in different projects:

  • 2D/3D computer graphics and animation
  • Ads for TV, internet and outdoor screens
  • Intros for TV shows
  • Video banners
  • 3D object modeling
  • Filming, mixing, editing
  • Portfolio for models
  • Special movie effects
  • Representative movies
  • Video gifts
  • Virtual video tours
  • Websites and mobile apps presentations
  • Video courses and presentations
  • Viral videos
  • Green screen service
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Photo movies

Photo movie – is one of the easiest ways to create personal photo movie without stepping from your home. Send us your chosen photos according to your topic and we will create fancy, modern and full of emotions individual photo movie. You just need to choose photos in spite of its quality, pick the favorite music and share it with our creative team.

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Hen party
  • Stag party
  • Christening
  • 1st day at school
  • Birth of child
  • 1st day in the kindergarten
  • Models portfolio
  • Amazing journey
  • University/School graduation
  • Funny joke for friends
  • Confessions of a loved one
  • Family album
  • Surprise gift
  • Romantic gift
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Contact Us

Address:A.Smetonos str. 5,
Vilnius, Lithuania

GSM:+370 68 569350

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